Discussion: Second Chance Airdrop

I agree with the modification Anthony suggested and also only if there is a lockup of the claimed CXD (ideally with linear vesting but if cliff that’s acceptable, so, either way) then I’ll vote for it. Given the vitriol displayed by some commenters in chats this prevents those cheery souls dumping after claim.

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I missed it and for the wars. I would appreciate it if you could hold the second round :handshake:

I had Apy during the entire airdrop and sold last week rebought the same amount 3 days later… what’s that mean?

The airdrop should not be longer than 3 days with 1 week warning that the airdrop should start imo

I don’t think CXD should be locked up if the airdrop is only for a week anyways.

This should only be available to Apy holders who didn’t claim and snapshot of those wallets before 19th May.

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I disagree, so they get the airdrop and immediately dump the tokens? How is that fair to the whole community? There must be a locking period of at least 1 year.

Also, people who sell the APY tokens shouldn’t be eligible for the second airdrop, only those who are holding since the original airdrop finished.

We absolutely need to lock up the new CXD for a year. Otherwise, people will just dump immediately. Even if they don’t, most will sell in short order, and we will be creating the exact sell pressure we don’t want at a time we want CXD to have a chance to grow.

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One thing that worries me is how the Airdrop start will be warned.

To be pretty honest, the swap between APY and CXD was poorly divulged. There is no trace of it on the main social media, no Twitter, no Telegram, and on Medium, the headline wasn’t as appealing as it should be for such a relevant change.

So, where exactly should I keep looking on a weekly basis? Twitter? Telegram? Which channels will inform it? I’m kinda lost on this, and I’m sure most people are too.

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Twitter. That’s how I found it.

People who already got the airdrop will recieve something additional? I think this also should be fair. To give to the people who already had the airdrop something. The people who are pushing because missed the chance will also understand because we need an incentive!

That’s not true. The airdrop was informed in every channel (Twitter, Telegram, discord, email, and medium). People who weren’t following the project, only came here after the airdrop ended because the APY price went down.

I do believe the airdrop should have been open for more time; but, let’s be honest, no amount of time would have been enough for many people, because they weren’t following the project.

@PoggsRed Is quorum reached on this poll? If so, will you create the Snapshot vote?

This thread doesn’t start with a proposal, simply a discussion, therefore, the thread went to a temperature check a bit prematurely. To become a proposal, it’s missing key criteria, such as eligibility, token criteria, lock duration, etc.

As the discussion continues, anybody can gather the feedback shared in this discussion and use the Airdrop Proposal Template to create a thread with an airdrop proposal, which can then move to a definitive temperature check.

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i missed the airdrop too. took a time of crypto had some problems. would be thankful i´ve we good a second chance. i think community would grow also with that.

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welcome to the community

Also missed airdrop. would also be grateful for 2nd opportunity.

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I agree. I invested +5k usd in apy and took a break from crypto and missed the airdrop. I believe it would be fair to restore faith in the new project to give all apy holders such as myself who missed the first airdrop a second chance.

If your $5K is worth spending 10 minutes to use the template and create a proposal for second airdrop discussion then do it. Don’t expect others, especially CXD holders, to creating this proposal for you. If your money is on the table then fight for it yourself and stop acting like a freeloader.

Looks like people who missed airdrop are more interested in wailing rather than spending 10 minutes to create a proposal. I sure am going to create a proposal to burn unclaimed tokens and it that gets support then you guys can kiss goodbye to your unclaimed tokens.

I am deliberately being uncouth as I am surprised at these freeloader APY holders who keep complaining about having missed airdrop but won’t spend few minutes to do what they think is rightful

Any updates? how do i create a proposal for the second airdrop to be vote

It’s so sad to read some of these posts. Too much greed imo. If I invest money into a company and they are bought out or merge with another company I am paid for the money I invested. Unless the company was shut down which isn’t the case here. There honestly shouldn’t be a timeline on when you can claim you’re tokens and the amount the company is offering to pay you. It’s called a buyout. If you lose out on incentives that doesn’t matter but you should Atleast get what you put in since that’s what’s being offered.


There was an official proposal draft created here: https://forum.cortexdao.io/t/proposal-2nd-chance-airdrop/

Please direct all discussions regarding the proposal there.

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